Queen of the Damned

Cersei looks at Tommen
Courtesy of HBO

“When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer.” – Paraphrased quote of Plutarch

        The words of Plutarch on Alexander the Great played in my head as I witnessed Cersei ascend the Iron Throne. She had no more tears to shed as her last son lay dead in front of her and understood fully that it was her actions that lead to this. In narrow terms Cersei has always wanted one thing and that is to be the true ruler in King’s Landing. King Tommen was the last obstacle to that end. Cersei Lannister’s strategy became crystal clear minutes into the Season 6 Finale. Internally Cersei rationalized that her actions were to protect her last child, Tommen but things rarely turn out as planned in this world. The rumors of wildfire being hidden under King’s Landing were explosively true and for Cersei this nuclear option solved her immediate threats. In the process she created a host of future problems but in terms of spectacle; Cersei consolidated power quite efficiently. Cersei understands the great game in simplistic terms, true to her words “you win or you die.”

Side Eye Cersei
The glance that shook the world courtesy of HBO

        Queen Cersei, First of her Name, Queen of the Andals and Protector of the Realm “long may she reign.” If my count is correct just about six out of the seven Kingdoms of Westeros are in open rebellion against the Baratheon’s? Or Lannister’s? Confusing titles in relation to Queen Cersei but the Kingdoms are certainly against her dominion of the Iron Throne. A Cersei unhinged does not bode well for the remaining inhabitants of King’s Landing. People will undoubtedly be upset that their new/old Queen leveled the Sept of Baelor and the surrounding 12 blocks. One of her first acts as ruler was to “wineboard” the Septa who made her life miserable as a captive of the Faith. I was haunted, disturbed and entranced as Cersei confesses her crimes to the Septa. In a final act of defiance the Septa utters “I’m ready to meet the Gods.” Which is immediately met by Cersei with what surmounted to “silly Septa, quick deaths are for kids.” A Lannister always pays their debts.

Euron Greyjoy
“I may have underestimated how long it takes to build 1,000 ships.”- Euron Greyjoy HBO

        My prediction for next season is that Queen Cersei’s reign will be short lived. There’s only about 13 episodes left in the whole series. I can’t see her Queenship going past four episodes into Season 7. The Lannister army is severely outnumbered in terms of men and no longer have clear headed guidance at the helm. If Cersei has any sense she’d try and make an alliance with a certain King of the Iron Islands who’s been working on making a thousand ships this whole season. A partnership with Euron Greyjoy would make sense as Daenerys seems content with Yara and Theon as her Greyjoy alliance. How Cersei meets her ultimate end has been prophesied and it’s clear now that the “younger and more beautiful Queen” who threatens her rule is Dany not Margaery. A key part of the prophecy is that the “Valonqhar” would kill Cersei. Valonqhar in high Valyrian means little brother, the obvious person being Tyrion in the mind of Cersei. It is important to note that Jaime Lannister is also technically her younger brother and we know his past with Mad Kings and what that may mean for a Mad Queen. Personal disdain for Cersei’s actions aside one must commend her ruthlessness, resolve, adaptability and even a little patience in her opposite of bloodless coup in King’s Landing. The end is near for House Lannister and Queen Cersei is not likely to go quietly into the night. Shame. Shame.

Author: Mario Posada

Originally from Washington D.C I graduated from George Mason University in 2013. I relocated to Austin, TX and currently work for a Non-Profit in the city. My different passions inspired me to start this blog.

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